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Deuteronomy 22:22 | point of view full section | See verse in perspective If men be obtained resting with a woman wedded to a wife, then they shall both of all of them expire, both the man that lay making use of woman , along with female : extremely shalt thou store bad from Israel.

Romans 9:12 | Check out entire chapter | enjoy verse in context it absolutely was believed unto the girl, The older shall serve younger .

Genesis 9:24 | Check out entire section | enjoy verse in context And Noah awoke from his wine, and realized just what his or her younger child got completed unto him.

Genesis 29:26 | viewpoint entire section | determine verse in perspective And Laban mentioned, it requires to become hence carried out in our very own region, to give younger until the firstborn.

Luke 22:26 | point of view entire part | determine verse in perspective But ye shall stop being thus: but he this is ultimate among we, leave your feel while the more youthful ; and he this is certainly primary, while he that doth provide.

Genesis 29:16 | point of view complete part | determine verse in context And Laban experienced two kids: the expression of this senior am Leah, in addition to the name belonging to the dating ideas in Fort Worth little was actually Rachel.

Career 30:1 | read whole section | identify verse in context however now these people being young than I have me personally in derision, whose fathers I would posses disdained for packed with the dogs of the group.

1 Timothy 5:1 | thought full section | See verse in context Rebuke certainly not an elder, but intreat him or her as a pops; plus the more youthful males as brethren;

1 Timothy 5:2 | perspective whole section | enjoy verse in context The elder female as mothers; younger as sisters, for all purity.

Origin 19:38 | viewpoint whole part | enjoy verse in perspective and also the young , she in addition blank a daughter, and named their identity Benammi: only one may pops of this offspring of Ammon unto this very day.

1 Timothy 5:11 | Check out entire segment | determine verse in context nevertheless young widows decline: for when they will have begun to wax wanton against Christ, they will certainly wed;

Generation 27:15 | perspective complete segment | enjoy verse in context And Rebekah took goodly raiment of the oldest daughter Esau, which were together with her in your home, and place all of them upon Jacob her young daughter:

John 8:10 | point of view entire phase | enjoy verse in perspective When Jesus got raised upward himself, and spotted not one although woman , this individual believed unto them, Female , just where are the ones thine accusers? hath no people bound thee?

Evaluator 1:13 | viewpoint full section | identify verse in context And Othniel the boy of Kenaz, Caleb’s young sister, got they: so he offered him or her Achsah his little girl to partner.

Luke 15:13 | perspective entire phase | determine verse in perspective And not many days bash young daughter compiled in general, and accepted his or her trip into a significantly nation, and there wasted his compound with riotous lifestyle.

Genesis 3:13 | thought full section | enjoy verse in perspective along with LORD God believed unto the lady , Defining this that thou hast finished? And the female claimed, The snake beguiled me, and that I do take in.

Deuteronomy 22:5 | viewpoint whole part | enjoy verse in perspective the lady shall perhaps not have on what pertaineth unto one , neither shall men put on a woman ‘s clothes: for most that so can be abomination unto god thy goodness.

Proverbs 6:24 | View whole chapter | identify verse in perspective To keep thee from your evil female , from your flattery for the language of a strange female .

Origin 48:19 | Check out whole section | enjoy verse in perspective along with his daddy declined, and claimed, I recognize it, simple boy, i am aware it: he also shall turned out to be a visitors, and he furthermore shall be great: but truly his more youthful sibling shall be beyond the man, and the seed shall get numerous regions.

2 Samuel 17:20 | viewpoint entire phase | identify verse in perspective when Absalom’s servants found the woman to your quarters, they said, Where happens to be Ahimaaz and Jonathan? And wife believed unto all of them, these people be wiped out across brook of water. When that they had found and can not just see them, these people returned to Jerusalem.

Exodus 21:22 | perspective entire chapter | enjoy verse in context If boys try, and harm lady with son or daughter, to let the lady fruits leave from the woman, but still no misbehavior implement: the guy will be undoubtedly reprimanded, based given that the female ‘s wife will sit upon him; and that he shall pay as being the evaluator determine.

1 Samuel 14:49 | thought whole phase | enjoy verse in framework today the sons of Saul had been Jonathan, and Ishui, and Melchishua: plus the names of his or her two kids are these; the expression of the firstborn Merab, and also the brand with the young Michal:

1 Timothy 5:14 | point of view full part | See verse in perspective i shall therefore

1 Peter 5:5 | thought whole chapter | determine verse in perspective additionally, ye young , submit yourselves unto the older. Yea, everybody getting matter someone to another, and be covered with humility: for Jesus resisteth the happy, and giveth grace on the simple.

Evaluator 15:2 | read entire chapter | enjoy verse in perspective along with her dad claimed, I verily believed that thou hadst absolutely hated this lady; therefore we provided her to thy companion: just isn’t the lady young aunt more equal than she? just take the woman, I pray thee, rather than her.

Deuteronomy 17:5 | see full part | identify verse in context subsequently shalt thou make that people or that woman , with devoted that sinful factor, unto thy entrances, even that boy or that girl , and shalt stone involving them with stones, till the two die.